Urine, Fluids, & Perspiration

Just one fluid accident can completely ruin an unprotected mattress and void its manufacture warranty. All of our sleep protection products are waterproof and breathable, which prevent small or large fluid accidents from permanently soiling your mattress.

Mattresses are more expensive than ever making mattress protection a smart investment to ensure years of use. Most families will have several fluid spills on each of their mattresses attributed to children, pets, incontinence, drinks and even ceiling leaks. There is no better feeling after a fluid spill than knowing proactive steps were taken beforehand to ensure nothing would damage or soil the mattress.

If a spill or fluid accident occurs, simply remove the protector and place directly into the washing machine with normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once clean, tumble-dry using the low heat setting. Our mattress protectors and encasement make fluids accidents easy to recover from while at the same time providing a more sterile sleep environment.